Steve Mbogo Ndwiga

Apart from Steve Mbogo’s extraordinary biography detailing his trailblazing educational and career achievements, that we found out he allegedly lied and copy pasted; many Kenyans have questioned where this 29-year-old Kenya Universities Student Organization patron gets his money from.

BURE KABISA! Fast Rising Kenyan Politician Hon. Steve Mbogo Exposed For The Fraud He Is (EVIDENCE)

Steve Mbogo has been accused of swindling several business men after conning them while posing as a gold dealer on international gold dealing website Zen Gold. (see screenshot below)


During an interview with the Nairobian, Steve categorically denied the allegations and asked those accusing him of fraud to go to the police and have him arrested.

“People write all kinds of things online. Why do they do it anonymously If I have ever conned someone, why can’t they come out, go to the police and have me arrested and arraigned in court” 

Steve Mbogo has since pulled down his website after our expose yesterday.