Tessy, the first baby mama to Tanzanian singer Aslay has consoled the singer’s second baby mama after she accused him of assault.

The star’s second baby mama, Sonia, who has a two-month-old child said;

I didn’t want to be seen in the media. It started with a call to tell him that the baby needed water and that the cooking gas was over. I told him, I’d bring his child to him. He agreed and so I went to his home.

The second day, he demanded that I should go back home and I refused. I called my auntie and she came with journalists. And I didn’t know whether the girl she came with was a journalist. There was a lot of commotion because my mother noticed I had been beaten.

When we went to the police station, I was out of breath and I fainted.

In another interview, she cleared the air by saying that the singer didn’t beat her

The truth is, He didn’t beat me, we just argued.

Well, Tessy the woman who dated the singer before, said that she became frustrated after receiving the news,

I only saw that on social media. As a woman, I am saddened! I can only advice Aslay to stand like a man and a father because children are a blessing.

Tessy, Aslay’s first baby mama

Tessy said she was never assaulted while in a relationship with the singer adding that she knew Sonia but has never been in contact

Yeah, I knew her but we never spoke. I don’t know how they met and how they live. We are not together anymore and so we have boundaries. anything that can bring us together is our child.  Everyone has already moved on and has his own life. These kids will only be united by their father.

Aslay is the father of my child. They say, when you get a child with someone, you get into a brotherhood that never ends.

I am still a fan of his music and I do listen to it. 

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