Babu Owino

Babu Owino is just fresh from insulting Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni.

This comes in the heat of the viral #FreeBobiWine campaign where Babu demanded that Museveni should set him free, or else….

A parody account responded to Babu, belittling him.



In Babu Owino fashion, the young MP shot back,

“That is just a fart of the mouth and not of the bottom from museveni.”

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Now, Babu has met his online match when a female critic of his took him to task.

She trolled him so baddly, Babu had to get a response to counter the attack.

Check out the twitter screenshots.

babu Owino

babu OwinoThis is not the first time, Babu has opted o go the vulgar route when dealing with anyone who displeases him. A while back, he when ham on a Ghetto Radio presenter.

What happened was, the station ran a not so flattering story on the legislator, so he called on of the presenters, Edgar Ogutu.

Edgar Ogutu
Edgar Ogutu, Ghetto Radio presenter

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Babu did not spend any time on niceties, he went straight into insulting him.

Toa hiyo ujinga umeweka hapo. Wewe ni mjinga sana. Kum*mako!

Listen to the audio of Babu allegedly abusing the presenter is below plus his response is below:

Babu Owino later denied that was him and claimed the audio was “manufactured” to tarnish his political career.

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