Akothee in black and white

Akothee just turned a year older and she does not want to you to know her age and if it bothers you her message to you is: ask & debate on my age if yours is missing. Akothee never seizes to amaze us with her daily posts on her day to day activities.



She posted a long post talking about her calling herself the president of single mothers. Just after acknowledging her presence she went ahead to create a buzz with her fast statement. Akothee said that she just realized she is a product of sex. Okay, guys aren’t we all?

Akothee talks about her mother and how she is proud of her for standing her fathers sh*t yet she still stayed there to maintain the family and making sure Akothee and family were okay because she could have chosen to be a single mother.

Avril umeskia hii? ‘If you’re pregnant let the World know’ Akothee shouts

Akothee Award
Akothee Award. photo credit: file

As she acknowledged her mum, she made it clear that if she was her mum she would have probably packed her bag and left because at the end of the day she carries the uterus. Read her birthday post below:

I just realized that Akothee is also a product of sex 😂😂 it’s only that I was born in a complete family, otherwise, my mother would have owned all kinds of names given to single mothers. Big up Nyarkadero for putting up with my father’s shit😂 just to see us grow, I don’t know your story, but I believe you must have packed a few times 😂😂😂, as for me! if the Love is gone 😜am out with my uterus #presidentofsinglemothers
feeling 15 years old today #sweetfifteen 
10.4.2018 15 
Ask & debate on my age if yours is missing, otherwise wish me a happybirthday if you don’t want I have already been born anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂