Kibaki’s cute grandson Sean Andrew made headlines after he first appeared at his grandmother the late Lucy Kibaki’s requiem mass a few months ago.

Andrew became the talk of the town. Many forgot about mourning and they diverted their attention to the young man whose striking looks grabbed the attention of team mafiress – a term given to ‘thirsty women’ by Kenyans. Ever since, the rich kid from the former president’s family has been giving Kenyan women sleepless nights.

Everyone wants to have a piece of him but will he allow them? Andrew who is living life on the fastest lane just like his rich kid counterparts across the globe, is never afraid of showing off his flashy lifestyle. The young lad always posts photos at least everyday just to give us a glimpse into his life. Isn’t money good?

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Well, Andrew is off the market. He is engaged to a beautiful YouTuber; Elodiezone (her social media username) who is also a rich kid from Kenya. Did I kill your dreams, Team Mafisiress? Poleni sana. Andrew seems to be a loving and caring gentleman and below is what he recently posted about his fiance

“I come alive when I’m close to the madness, no easy love will make me feel the same… For you I have to risk it all..”

Wrote Kibaki’s grandson. This followed by a sweet comment from his beau who replied with heartwarming words leaving many with no option but to just salivate.

“I know I could lie, but I’m telling the truth. Wherever I go, there’s a shadow of you. I know I try, looking for something new. But wherever I go, I’ll be looking for you.”

Read the sexy lady’s comment. The young lovebirds have been displaying their affection in public and who knows? They might be walking down the aisle just like the other rich kids decorated couple – Saumu Mbuvi and Benson Gatu.

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