Politician and former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile yesterday requested for an interested woman who would want to marry the ex-convict Julius Wambua to do so.

Kalembe who had accompanied Wambua during an interview with Radio Jambo on Massawe Jappani said he would not want to see him desperate to the extend of getting back with the wife who fixed him in a rape case that took him to jail for eight years.

He said;

If you want to marry him wamuone kando asirudie huyo mama.

How my wife fixed me to a rape case, ex-convict Wambua narrates


Wambua is currently working in one of the politician’s businesses in Machakos.

I read wambua’s story and how he suffered while in jail and found his belongings and property sold. I was once also put in remand with claims that I had called Moi a thief. I was jailed for a month I drunk porridge, at 10 am we would remove chawa as we wait for lunchtime where we were served boiled cabbage and ugali.

When I remember that and what he went through, I decided to help him out so that he doesn’t get frustrated with life and revert into a life of crime.”

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Kalembe gave him two acres of land and is building a house for him.

Speaking during the interview, Wambua said he doesn’t regret spending his time in prison as that is where any person who had committed a rape case should be taken.

I cannot say jela ni mbaya and court ni mbaya because kuna wale wametenda and wale hawajatenda, ile nigesema kusema ni tafuta ukweli. I can teach many people that crime so poa. I would like to be an activist to teach people not to get into crime. And I have great experience in matters around leather.’

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