Forget about all the stupid fights she’s been having with Vera Sidika on social media this week, Huddah Monroe has once again proven she’s more than just a social media personality.

“Huddah Monroe Is Like Government Property, She Has Slept With Almost The Whole World”, Declares Prezzo

The socialite who recently confessed to having been a massive drug addict has gone the Kylie Jenner way by launching her own lipstick brand which is expected to hit the market pretty soon.

According to Huddah, ladies, and even men are already going crazy about the matte liquid lipstick which is set to launch officially soon.

My MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK is already on demand like crazy and it’s men ordering for their ladies yet it’s not even out fully ,And because most of you matter in my life and I posted my Samples for your opinion …. I will change the packaging …. And then launch it . Asanteni BOSSSES . Nawapenda!

Check out her posts below;

In her own words ‘BITCHES will become BELIEVERS’.