Vanessa Chettle’s elder sister – Francene – recently made shocking allegations against her baby daddy on social media.

The eldest Chettle is usually laid back and devoid of controversy unlike Vanessa. She has been dating a Nigerian lad by the name Bola Gold who owns Gold Empire Entertainment.

The couple has been living together for more than three years now and they welcomed a baby in May this year.


All was rosy, or so we thought, until she took to social media a few days ago claiming that the lad had beaten her up at a popular club.

This is what she posted.

“Hey everyone. My account was hacked by Bola Gold. He took my phones and is using my WhatsApp to talk to people. I don’t have a phone right now. He beat me last night at B-Club and has been harassing my family and I. If you have me on WhatsApp, block the number. This man is a psycho.”


However, when contacted Bola said they had an altercation and he asked if he could talk to her outside.

“It is not true. We went to B-Club together, I wanted to talk to her. I asked if I could have a word with her privately, but when we went outside and she spotted a cop, she told him I raped her, and was arrested.

He was later released and immediately went home to pack his belongings shocked that the mother of his child could do that to her.

“I told him it wasn’t true, he let me go. I went home, parked my things because I couldn’t believe someone I had been living with for three years could do that to me. She should release proof that shows I assaulted her,” he told Spice.

Photos: Cool Pixx