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Kenyan music producer Magix Enga is looking like a clout chaser after he allegedly had Tekashi 6ix9ine’s newly released  song, “GOOBA’ deleted from You Tube.

6ix9ine is an American rapper whose song has been trending before Enga called him out for stealing a rhythm.

The song is back on You Tube.

Below are artistes who have in the past been accused of theft in the music industry.

 Harmonize – Uno

6 months ago Kenyan producer Magix Enga had ‘Uno’ pulled down, on claims that Harmonize stole his intellectual property.

Taking to Instagram, Magix told Harmonize to take down the song within a week or face unspecified consequences.

“Like nothing happened @harmonize_tz Gat some free beats for you bro… I’m giving you 1 week take down the song otherwise… Natoa mwenye let me put it in Swahili so that you can understand what I’m trying to say,” He wrote

According to the Kenyan producer, Harmonize used a beat he created for the famous club banger, ‘Dundaing’ where he featured King Kaka and Kristoff.

He later forgave Harmonize and the song was put back on You Tube.

It has 9.6 million views.

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6ix9ne and Magix Enga – Gooba

Magix Enga is trending after he asked youtube to take down ‘GOOBA’ over copyright allegations.

Gooba is a song in which 6ix9ne acknowledges claims he has snitched on people and also mocked those who are angry about his return to the rap game.

The song had been deleted but it’s back on You Tube and has 270 million views.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz – Gere

The ex couple was accused of stealing the concept of their song Gere from Brazilian singer Iza’s Brisa.

Both costumes and backgrounds of the shoots look similar. Basically, they copied alot.

Otile Brown – Vibaya

Otile Brown months ago faced copyright issues from Kenyan producer Makoy over his jam ‘Vibaya’.

‘Vibaya’ is a love ballad that features vixen Maddie Jewitt, who has enslaved him with love, labeling her his ‘ideal woman’.

On his Instagram page, Makoy blasted Otile for sampling his beats, through producer Vickypondis without even paying him a dime.

I’m shocked this guy @otilebrown samples my beats, 2 of them. Now the latest jam #vibaya one of the two beats he produced using this guy Myambo @vickypondis.


Lipia beat upewe acha kusample demo banaa.

The song was pulled down.


Last year gospel artiste Bahati came under fire from his beloved fans after the premiere of his hit Sakata.

The song released on Jamhuri Day, December 12, received criticism for what fans believe is plagiarism.

Bahati was accused of copying concepts from Diamond’s hits Yope and Tetema videos.

The choreography and video locations were highly similar to the hit Yope, while the attire used was identical to those in the Tetema video.

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