Anerlisa Muigai before and after
Anerlisa Muigai before and after

Kenyan artiste Ninny Zerah Goodwin based in Australia has called out Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai, claiming that she’s lying to Kenyans.

Anerlisa Muigai

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According to Ninny, Anerlisa, who has been sharing her weight loss journey with her followers, had a gastric bypass and didn’t work out as she claims.

Ninny Zerah

Gastric bypass is surgery that helps you lose weight by changing how your stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat. After the surgery, your stomach will be smaller. You will feel full with less food. The food you eat will no longer go into some parts of your stomach and small intestine that absorb food.

She further told people to stop comparing her to Anerlisa Muigai as they don’t have anything in common.

“Why would anyone even compare me to Anerlisa Muigai?” she posed.


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“The reason people compare us is because of the weight loss situation. She lost heaps of weight and also lost a lot of weight.  Anerlisa lost a lot of weight and I lost 32kgs. Anerlisa Muigai did not lose her weight naturally. I lost all my weight naturally. Anerlisa and I do not have anything in common and I would never be friends with her.l am willing to help her just as a counsellor but I would never befriends with her.
I do not agree with how she does things. Anerlisa has been using poor people to exalt herself,” She told Ghafla. 

“Anerlisa is fake.

I am not a hater and there is nothing to hate about Anerlisa Muigia. She is just a desperate woman.
I would only hang out with her so I can eat because I know since she has a balloon in her stomach from the bypass gastric surgery, she will not eat and I will eat the oysters that I love. I would not hang out with her because I know she will not even eat. I am all about empowering women and not using people’s situations to benefit myself. I do not use people to get sympathy. She always makes people to feel woiye for her,” she lamented.

Ninny went ahead to criticise Anerlisa Muigai for not telling Kenyans the truth.

“Poor Kenyans, why would someone lie to you that they went to the gym that’s why they lost weight and they know they have this gastric balloon that’s how they have lost. You know it’s really sad that we’ve gotten to that, people do anything they use poor people to exalt themselves, I hate that because once a upon-a-time I never used to have money and I knows how it feels. You know when you use someone’s desperation to exalt yourself, who does that?”.

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“I am all about empowering women and not using people’s situations to benefit myself. I do not use people to get sympathy. She always makes people to feel woiye for her.
I am so real. If I have liposuction trust me I would not lie about it. I would tell people how much the surgery cost and where it was done. I would not lie to them to go to the gym. If I use waist trainers I will tell people that is what I did instead of lying just to promote my business. I have no respect for people who lie to people for their own benefits.”

Ninny Zerah

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