“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev

I have always been envious of people who can have fun under any circumstance. The people who are always cheerful, the ones who always seem to look at the glass as half full, the ones whose smiles light up the room, the ones who don’t let external events alter their moods. The ones who take responsibility for enjoying their lives no matter what.

We’re going through uncertain times and with this pandemic, we have to be creative and alert as individuals. Staying at home and staying safe are pivotal to flattening the curve. Afterall, we’re living through history. Self isolation really is a thing.

Alone in isolation, there was a commitment to be made to myself. “If others can do it… party in the comforts of their home and have fun, why can’t I?”. I chose to be the captain of my life too. I was going on my adventure to discover my fun. I no longer had the option of sending the “Where are you?” text. Instead of going to the party, I was going to be the party.

“I am the Captain of this ship! Now, what activities make up fun experiences?” I asked myself in the posture of a Captain who was purposed on discovering new lands and was known for spreading joy and humor wherever he went. I have been to many good parties in the past and the formula of having fun is always consistent. “High energy music, good vibes, looking & smelling good, delicious food… and Captain Morgan mixed with cola,” I said to myself.

I had everything on the list. The only thing that was missing… my stronger willingness to be the captain of my fun experience.

Later on that night, it was party mode. Party mode means taking the same party shower as you sing along to your favorite jams. Party mode means dressing up as you practice the moves you are going to pull off as you dance. Party mode means taking that random selfie with the caption “It’s going down tonight”.

It’s that selfie that changed everything…

Soon, my friends were in the comments asking “Kweli kunaendaje? Which party is that? Where? Please share bro!!!” That’s when I had an ‘Aha’ moment. To all the comments, I casually replied, “Aye, check out my story in a few minutes”. I had now morphed into a party coach as I curated a story titled ‘How to be the captain of your party with your Captain Morgan’.

I took my friends through my journey. I showed them how I was psychologically preparing to have a good time, showed them my outfit, showed them my party playlist, and more importantly how I mixed up my basic Captain and cola cocktail.

Soon, my friends were having their parties too. They had now become captains of their own lives. It is true what they say… “Your actions influence people more than your words ever will”. By being the captain of my own life, I have encouraged others to be their Captains too.

“Thanks for the great idea. This is some of the best fun I have had in a while!” read the message as I had another sip of my Captain and cola.

Captain Morgan is all the company that I needed that night.

Captain Morgan is your perfect partner at home
Captain Morgan is your perfect partner at home

How to make your own Captain and Cola

Enjoy Captain & Cola from the comfort of your home with this simple cocktail recipe:

  1. Fill a tankard or tall glass with plenty of ice.
  2. Pour the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and cola into the glass.
  3. Mix and garnish with your wedge of lime.
  4. Enjoy!!
Enjoy Captain And Cola - Captain Morgan
Enjoy Captain And Cola – Captain Morgan