Conjestina and Radull

Once-upon-a-time superstar Conjestina Achieng needs your help. The boxing champion has been languishing in poverty and struggling with addiction after falling from grace to grass.


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Conjestina, who was deserted by her fans and even the country she made proud during her heydays, had resorted to living in her parents’ home in Yala, before sports presenter Carol Radull came to her rescue.

Radull took Conjestina to rehab and has been asking Kenyans to support her so that she can go through a three months counselling process.

‘Hi Guys. Conjestina has almost completed her first month of treatment at a rehab centre and there is progress. She was admitted on 13th Aug. She still has two months to go. I am still seeking your support. NACADA settled the first month of treatment (even though it is not their mandate) but the other two months is on our shoulders. Assist if you can paybill 5181441 Acct 2030,’ she posted.

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Radull, who’s celebrating her birthday in a few days time, has asked her friends and fans to contribute towards Conjestina’s rehab bill.

It’s my Birthday week and I am so grateful to God for all he has blessed me with; starting with the gift of life. I would, however, appreciate a gift from you this year. My friend and Superstar Conjestina Achieng is in dire need of support to see her through rehab and beyond. We have several initiatives ongoing which will hopefully guard her from relapsing again but we are taking it one day at a time. Please #SupportConjestina on paybill 5181441 Acct: 2030. Make my birthday dream come true 🙏🏼 #SupportConjestina #HappyBirthdayRadull.

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