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Rapper Octopizzo is in the eye of a storm that is currently brewing. The rapper has been accused by a family of being involved in the death of their son.

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Their son, Kenneth Abom name was a Strathmore University student. It is alleged that the rapper beat up the student on Thursday last week.

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According to Kiss100.co.ke a neighbour told the station that:

The kid went home bleeding and locked himself in their bathroom, he started screaming and breaking stuff then jumped from the 4th floor of their apartment block.


Abom’s father had a story to tell and he explained to KTN about his son:

If he knew there is something wrong with him, he should have come to us and told us what happened.

The distraught and angry father divulged the condition of his son’s body after the altercation, shows that he might have been hit with a blunt object. He told the station:

Kenneth had a cut on his face. He (Octopizzo) took a blunt object there, which was used to hit him. He was very arrogant. Yesterday he called bouncers there.


It is alleged by some neighbours that they heard Octopizzo threatening the student’s life while wielding a machete. After that, it is claimed that Abom ran for his and later jumped off the fourth floor of the building and sustained injuries.

He would later succumb to his injuries while he was receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital. The family is eagerly awaiting the postmortem results to institute a wrongful death suit against the rapper.


The rapper has however denied the allegations that he is responsible for the death of Abom.

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