Danson Mungatana

Former Garsen MP Dunson Mungatana has said that his recent arrest is a desperation attempt for a headline by the EACC.

Mungatana was arrested on Thursday by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over graft claims.

He had arrived home from the burial of his wife at Ngao village in Tana River.

He is among seven individuals arrested over the fraudulent acquisition of public property, uttering false documents and dealing with proceeds of crimes.

The seven are also accused of having received illegal payments from Kilifi County government.

But Mungatana now says the case is 2016 matter involving the procurement of Sh13 million worth of goods by two companies and not him personally.

It is sad that just a few days after burying my wife, they stage the drama of guns in my Nairobi compound, harassing my kids, setting up road blocks and charging me in court. To me it points to a desperation for a headline by EACC.

“At the time we went voluntarily to EACC with my lawyers, presenting myself for interrogation, they took a statement and they gave me an all clear. They told me and my lawyers that if there’s anything they’ve our contacts,” he said.

The former MP claims the sudden interest in the same matter three years later in is suspect.

He said the officers took him overnight by road and he pretended to fall asleep.

Mungatana said he could hear them planning where to park the car as they entered the court, where the press should stand, the budget for the press and even how the breaking news on his arrest should be scripted.

“That news feed should focus on 51 million, and should be about Mungatana, how bail should be Sh10 million for maximum media impact. They talked about ignoring all the 24 companies and employees of Kilifi county government and focus on me because Mungatana sells,” he added.

“Lakini mwanaume ni kungangana and the higher the hurdles the stronger I will become.”

Mungatana is facing eight charges of obtaining cash from the county treasury without supplying anything.