Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekena

Our beloved celebrity couple might just not be what we thought they would end up being. Akothee wrote an open letter to her bae/ manager Nelly Oaks and at the end of the letter, she was sure to state that she is not his wife.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

See, when you start dating someone or so I know, you have a plan for the future which includes marriage. She openly told Nelly that she knows his wife will be a lucky lady because he has always been there for her even in the toughest of times.

Akothee in killer dress

Akothee thanked him for always standing by her side especially being there for her children even when her son was sick and they still had a flight to catch for an important event.

The boy is mine! Akothee tells off women who want her bae Nelly Oaks!

She also confessed that most of her life she has been a loner and did not depend on anyone to be there for her and mostly the fact that they cannot stand her but when he is are around she feels like her cup is full. Akothee also opened up saying that Nelly came in to fill the gap and now she does not miss anything

@nellyoaks it’s from the deepest depths of my heart to let you know what you mean to me ! Most a times when people see us together they only think of sex, money & age , well , the things I have gone through since the 4 years you have been in my life needs a calling , even my own family won’t fit in your shoes to be around me 24/7 with all the pressure 🤦‍♂️you have unconditional love to me and my family ! You celebrate our achievements & will always make sure everybody I in the family feels good ! from the boys to the girls ! You must be a very special human being 😍😍, of late you see how confused I get & even break down at the airport if I have to say good bye & travel on my own ! I sincerely get lost and not in any mood of talking to anyone ! When you are around me I feel like my cup is full ! I have been a loner for along time because most people don’t or can’t stand me ! You filled in the gap & I don’t miss anything ! Yesterday remember the pressure! When we had to take Oyoo to hospital & still had to catch a flight !You still stood strong at the airport when the flight was delayed!the traffic was impossible to even access our hotel ! We ended up changing for the red carpet at the parking lot ! Proudly as you are !we walked in , in style ! I love you for you my king👉 be blessed Mr Hezekiah God bless you and your family @nellyoaks surely your wife will be the most blessed Woman ever , goodnight 😢😢😢😢