Jeff Mote is a taken man. Amepata jiko. Jeff said “I do” to Purity, whom he has dated for six years.

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A photo of their wedding has emerged online. Jeff favoured a garden wedding where he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle towards him.

The invites only ceremony was an intimate affair only meant for close friends and family.

The wedding took place at Ol Arabel Garden in Ridgeways, Kiambu. The MC of the day was TV personality and comedian DJ Soxxy.

Asked how he managed to keep his relationship private from the paparazzi.

“Relationships are hard enough as is, It’s just a decision we made to keep it like that as it makes it easier and again I think everyone should have the right to keep their private lives, private,” Jeff said.

Asked how many celebrities will be at the wedding, the Kiss FM drive co-host said, “President Trump declined the invitation so he won’t be there. But honestly, it’s just family and friends really.”

Comedian Chipukeezy posted this photo congratulating the newly weds.

He wrote, “You guy’s were born to end up together and am happy and proud. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mote.”

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