Imran Okoth

Imran Okoth is the name on everyone’s mouth after the laid back man won in the by-election for the Member of Parliament, Kibra with 24,636.

Imran came to the limelight during Ken OKoth’s battle with cancer and after his death.

Apart from being Okoth’s brother here are things you did not know about him.

  1. Imran Okoth was born in Kibera, Kisumu Ndogo.

Imran was born in Kibra alongside five siblings among them former Kibra MP, Ken Okoth.

2. He was Ken Okoth’s assistant.

This saw him take up the role of overseeing Kibra’s projects when Ken was away receiving treatment.

3. Imran was the Kibra Constituency development fund (CDF) chairman for seven years.

The position might have given him an idea of how things on the ground run and hence the win.

4.  Imran is an introvert.

Going by the different times we have seen him on social media or during campaigns it is evident that Imran is a man of few words.

Unlike other politicians who thrive on exchanging vitriolic words with each other, Imran prefers to sit, watch and then hit when the opportunity strikes.

Those who know him refer to him as ‘too shy and too quiet’.

5. Imran is married but prefers to keep his family off the limelight, we are not sure at the moment how many children he has.

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