We all have been groped by matatu conductors, taxi driver or even colleagues at some point. Did it ever occur to you that that is sexual harassment?
 Most s3x predators are fathers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers and teachers.

S3xual molesters outside of family ranks include domestic workers, neighbours, boda boda operators, drivers and school workers.

‘Namwaga bila hata permission,’ Ethic apologises for explicit Tarimbo song

Here are the different forms of abuse.

1. Making s3xual gestures.

2. Whistling and catcalls

3. Smacking lips.

Unless you are dating someone or have a sexual interest in them unwanted smacking of the lips is a form of s@xual harassment.

4. Unwanted s3xual advances.

If you tell a man no and you really mean it do not let him convince you that you are not sure of what you want.

5. Jokes and banters that contain offensive content.

We have all heard unwanted jokes such as ‘Utanipea lini’ ‘ Ntaeka kichwa tu’ among others and ladies if you have said no just know that is harrasment.

Anaingiza kichwa kwani yeye ni ngamia?

6. Unwanted s3x messages

Ever received unwanted messages of ‘nitumie nudes’? Have you also received unwarranted photos of men’s s@x organs?

Well that is sexual harassment and should be reported.

7. Unwelcome fondling.

This majorly happens in public transport, cabs, and crowded places. The next time someone does it smack them hand and if it persists report it to the police.

8. Up Skirting (Taking a photo up a girls skirt).

Back in high school (especially if you studied in those ushago schools) boys would put a mirror down and check out your knickers.

Then we did not know that was sexual harassment but now that we are adult we know that’s harassment and the next time someone does that smack their face or report them.

‘Not being by Allan’s side as he fought cancer was hard’ Kathy Kiuna

9. Forceful kissing.

Forced kissing is s@xual harassment.

10. Coercing, threatening another person into participating in s3xual intercourse with you.

We have all met a man/ woman who demands you to sleep with them especially if they have bought you drinks.

This mostly happens in clubs, Ladies, if you don’t want to sleep with a man, let him not force you just because he bought you drinks.

You would rather pay back the cash.

11. Sharing an individual’s nude photos on social media without consent.

Sharing a person’s nvdes without their consent is a form of harassment, plus it is childish. What do you gain by sharing photos sent to you by a person because they trusted you?

12. Spanking,

Spanking without permission especially within a public premise is harassment, the only spanking allowed when making out in the bedroom but with permission.

‘The 1st time I saw Juacali I couldn’t breath properly’ Says the artiste’s wife

Rape can be categorized into different categories mainly

Physical – This where an individual either touches or fondles another without their consent, it also applies when one forces themselves on another by initiating intercourse.

Conditional rape – This means seeking s3xual favours or advances in exchange for preferential treatment, it is applicable when consent to s3xually explicit behaviour is made a condition for employment or mentor-ship.

Visual conduct – This is when an individual makes gestures at another without having to touch them, this can include suggestive winking, lip-smacking etc.

Verbal conduct – This is when an individual says suggestive and salacious things to a workmate.

Written conduct – Can be in form of messages, banners etc

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