Mwalimu King’ang’i, Wakanai and Kenyans at large have time and time again expressed their worry over Maina Kageni’s bachelor status, despite his age.

According to Mwalimu, he is constantly worried about Maina because there is no one in his life to fuss over him to ask if he has eaten or not or whether he is feeling well in instances where he is sick.

As a way of finding a solution to this ‘problem’ Mwalimu has volunteered to start a committee to help get Maina Kageni a wife.

Hell No!! Maina Kageni on a habit he cannot tolerate in his marriage

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Sharing his thoughts on how he would achieve this Mwalimu said,

I will create a committee and in an effort to help you get a woman even if it is an intern here at work. The other option is that we can go to Muranga and get you a woman who you will marry.

Better tumfunge na kamba kwa gari yako.

His fans also recently decided that it’s time Maina got married given that he constantly supports women at the expense of men’s feelings.

‘Mwalimu si utafutie huyu jamaa bibi hata kama ni wa mwezi moja tu? 

By next year, hiyo kitu tutakua tumemaliza, commitee ndio tunaform. 

Tutafutane wewe, Captain Kale, Wakanai, mimi, tutafutie huyu jaama bibi.’

Another Kenyan also rallied behind Mwalimu adding that he would definitely be in the committee.

Hata kwa hiyo committe nitaingia tukutafutoie mtu ndio ujue what we go through. 

Below are some more members who should be in Maina Kageni’s wedding committee.

  • Jeff Koinange.
Jeff Koinange
  • Harmonize.

  • Rayvanny.

  • Juma Jux.
Juma Jux
  • William Kabogo

  • Diamond Platnumz


  • Wakanai.

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