There are some things that only Kenyans can do. Like fighting over things like free alcohol, food, and even women. 

Yuck! People Filmed Fighting For Free Chang’aa Poured Into A Dirty Mtaro (Video)

Apart from the viral video showing residents of Saboti Constituency in Trans Nzoia dandia’ing a helicopter that was taking off, there are many other crazy things Kenyans have done, and they include;

1. Fighting over free beer.

Residents of Nyeri were treated to an “open bar party” after a truck carrying alcohol overturned. Many people, including women and children, exchanged blows just to get a taste.

2. Free Oil ( Extremely Dangerous!!) 

Even after the Sachangwan tragedy, Kenyans still run for free petrol after tankers overturn. Kisumu villagers rushed to fetch fuel less than six months after over 130 people died in a tanker tragedy at Sachang’wan in Molo.

3.  Free Food

Well, this was not that bad. Unfortunately, Kasagam Village residents in Kisumu were disappointed after KWS carried the hippo away.


4. Fish in Cental Kenya

It was survival for the fittest as residents of Tetu in Nyeri County scrambled for a share of food in a ceremony that had been organized by Othaya MP Mary Wambui. The MP had organized a workshop to educate the residents on how to rear fish, cook and eat them, after which the residents were allowed to partake of the fish that had already been prepared. The impatient residents refused to queue and instead scrambled.”


5. Fighting Over Petty Things in Nairobi CBD

This is one hilarious video, but a very painful moment for the two gentlemen who decided to show Nairobi residents, how masculine they are.