Tina Kaggia

Tattoos are cool and I don’t mind them. But you do need to consider your workplace, because some jobs discriminate against people with tattoos and that’s why in most cases those who have tattoos on their bodies end up losing some great opportunities. But why? Having tattoos is just like having dreadlocks.

Anyway, celebrated Classic 105’s bubbly presenter Tina Kaggia has left many wobbling tongues after she got a new tattoo. The mother of three, who is known for her love for tattoos, posted a photo flaunting her latest tattoo and I kid you not, she indeed looks great. Tina, who recently gave birth to her last born, has managed to maintain her youthful looks unlike many women who do not know how to take care of themselves.

Check out the photo of Tina’s latest tattoo


Isn’t it cool?