AP Officer
AP Officer

Police officers in this country are feared more than one may respect. And that is because of the reputation that they have as the most corrupt branch in the public service.

This is a person who is legally allowed to carry a gun and use it on you if they deem it worthy. The stereotype around most cops is that they can be as ruthless as the thugs they hunt. This may open up doors to things like extra-judicial killings or even the occasional trigger finger police officer.

So when a member of the public meets a cop, the general advice is not to antagonize them. A recent video posted by Digital Kenyan Corps-COPS on Facebook showed that the disciplined forces do have men who can be restrained while dealing with the general public.

The incident which was captured on video, showed an AP officer and a lorry driver getting engaged in a scuffle. The shocking thing about the clip was that the driver was the one who was acting like a fool.

The outside observer might not know why the fight even started but what can one tell is that the officer demonstrated remarkable poise and calm while dealing with the driver. All the while the cop had a gun that he could easily use were he inclined to do so.

Which is contrary to what many in the police force normally do. Fire first and then ask questions later. Me, I wholeheartedly congratulate the officer for his courage. To the driver, you are very lucky! Check out the video below:

Huyu ni wa kikosi gane?

Posted by Digital Kenyan Corps-COPS on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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