A sad and shameful incident took place in Kilgoris, Narok County when an AP officer who was supposed to be manning an exam centre was found in a lodging with one of the students.

The officer and the girl were found at the local Josvin Bar and Restaurant by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations at around 8 pm Tuesday.

The girl was asked about the incident and responded:

I have been seeing the officer in our school since we started exams. He has been talking to me about many things, today, he told me to accompany him to town and I obliged.

The two were spotted when locals saw the girl entering the lodge. The concerned locals then called the authorities to intervene.

Initial reports indicate the candidate left her school and told teachers that she wanted to go do shopping in town. Detectives are investigating why she was allowed to leave the school in the evening.

The Deputy Commissioner said they are also investigating why the underage girl was allowed into a lodging:

It is illegal and we are contemplating withdrawing their license.

A local who witnessed the arrest called Mr. Alex Tampushi spoke about how the residents were angry after an apparent attempt by police to help their own colleague:

We forced them to re-arrest the officer after they released him under unclear circumstances.

Trans Mara West Deputy County Commissioner Mohamed Noor Hassan explained:

We are still investigating the matter. The girl, who is below the age of 18, will also have to undergo a medical test to ascertain whether she may have been defiled.

The duo also spent the night in police cells with the girl being released yesterday to sit for her exams. Also recovered from the lodging by the detectives were packets of condoms and were taken as an exhibit.



The troubling part about the story is that the county this took place in is according to the Kenya Demographic Health Survey, the one with the highest statistics of teenage pregnancies in the country at 40 percent.

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