Even in the midst of a very busy year, we need to take time and reflect. Ask ourselves if there are any gains we have made as a nation over the years.

One development that stays with me vividly over the years is the gains this country has made in health care service provision. In particular, the progress at pushing back HIV related illnesses through timely interventions is something worth celebrating.

For a long time, going for testing to find out one’s HIV status had been left out for those who are feeling really sick. But over time, voluntary counseling and testing has helped a number of Kenyans show up to get information and be tested for HIV.

This method has worked well over the years, though it is quite a slow one. Now, the government has revved up its engines, and want every Kenyan to get as much information about HIV interventions as possible.

You see, there are great strides in the management of HIV, including stopping the virus before it gets to you. Another method is for those who already know their status to get immediate medical care to enable them live healthy lives.

Who would have guessed that such times will be finally here? Now HIV should not be reason for one to lose the will to live.

Stigma against the virus has for decades been silently scaring people off, and preventing Kenyans from living life to the fullest. To live in fear is like waiting for a storm that will never happen.

It is worse to live ignorant of your HIV status, yet there is every opportunity for you to find out now.

With the Anza Sasa program, The Ministry of Health through the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP) is encouraging all those who test HIV positive to get ARV treatment regardless of their CD4 Count.

In the past, only those with a CD4 count of 500 and below were eligible for treatment.

Get Tested. Start treatment. Live well
Get Tested. Start treatment. Live well. Anza sasa.

New Guidelines on Use of Anti-retroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection in Kenya (2016) were also launched to provide guidance on the use of anti-retroviral medicines for treating people living with HIV.

Kenya currently has 1.5 million people living with HIV and an estimated 900,000 have been receiving treatment.

Do not wait any longer. Do not be held back by fear. Pay a visit to your nearest health facility and get informed, get tested, start treatment, live well. Anza sasa.

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