Kumbe anapesa hivi! Revealed: What properties is Anyang Nyong’o fighting for with...

Kumbe anapesa hivi! Revealed: What properties is Anyang Nyong’o fighting for with his cousins?

Anyang Nyong'o
Anyang Nyong'o. photo credit: kahawa tungu

Anyang Nyong’o has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his kith and kin. Inheritance and succession battles are the things that split up families right down the middle. And this is no different. Really. The multi-million shilling properties behind a succession battle involving Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o and his two nephews is now known.

Anyang Nyong'o
Anyang Nyong’o. photo credit: mwakilishi


The contested property, whose value at current valuation could be half a billion shillings, includes flats in Nairobi, prime plots in Kisumu town, and 100 acres of land in the Miwani sugar-growing zone.

Nyong’o’s nephews, Geoffrey Omondi Nyong’o and Kenneth Odhiambo Okuthe have accused the Kisumu Governor and his sister, Nyagoy Nyong’o Bloch, of excluding them from the list of beneficiaries of their grandfather’s estate.

According to the Business Daily, the land was valued at Sh200 million seven years ago and the nephews told the court that the list could grow further once Prof Nyong’o is compelled to declare his father’s entire estate. At the time of his death nearly 20 years ago, Nyong’o’s father, Mr. Shimei Nyong’o, had not written a will.

Anyang Nyong'o
Anyang Nyong’o. photo credit: kahawa tungu

The court this week revealed the property which includes flats on Nairobi’s Jogoo Road, 100 acres in the sugar zone of Miwani and prime plots in Kisumu’s Manyatta and Milimani estates. They also include land in Muhoroni and Seme Sub-County in Kisumu as well as cash in Cent Sacco Society.

Mr. Omondi filed the case under a certificate of urgency, saying he feared that Prof Nyong’o could sell or transfer the estate. Mr. Omondi said:

“The respondents have frustrated my efforts to access vital and relevant information pertaining my grandfather’s Estate.” 

According to Court papers, Prof Nyong’o and his sister Mrs. Nyagoy applied to be the administrators of his estate following the senior Nyong’o’s death. The Governor’s nephews want the court to revoke the grant of letters of administration and an audit of the estate.