Anto Neo soul

King of Vocals Anto aka Anto Neosoul is back with his mesmerising melodies and catchy hooks, this time with a surprise EP; MATUNDA.

Matunda is Swahili for fruits and just like a fruit salad, this EP hits you with a taste of every feeling. From the melancholic, haunting Chanda Na Pete that shows Anto succinctly reminding us that he is a king of those high notes and high emotions.

Chanda Na Pete is a soulful ballad and a reminder to pour your heart out when in love. Chanda Na Pete is represented by watermelon in “Matunda”

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Recently released Whine is the second ingredient in this musical salad, I mean who can do without that “banana?” We all need that potassium.

No project is complete without a dancehall feel and Shangararaisha does exactly that. It is a reminder of where most of us come from; the ghetto.

This is Anto Neosoul’s ode to his past as he celebrates his present aptly represented by arguably Kenya’s most popular fruit, the mighty Avocado. Produced by Dillie, Shangararaisha is set to be a dancehall and radio hit.

Finally, whether in a salad or in a drink, we all need that tingly feeling that the pineapple gives us. That sweet and sour feeling that keeps us going back for more.

Sweet and Sour, the perfect “Balance” and that’s how the EP ends on a “balanced” high. A balanced musical diet full of essential nutrients great for your bones as you dance, anti-ageing as you smile and laugh as well as great for your skin when you let out the sweat and tears.

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