At this rate, I think the Kenyan government should stop focusing on the schools that are being burned by ‘students’, and maybe open Schools to train ladies how to become socialites in future. After all, they are celebrated even more than some of the most powerful women in this country. However, remember, there are two sides to a coin.

Kenyan Socialite Allegedly Jailed For 10 Years After Being Caught Trafficking Drugs in Ghana

Evon Mulla, also known as Queen Evon is one of the many Kenyan ladies who have decided to make some quick bucks using their bodies. Given the current cost of living in Kenya, it’s understandable why young ladies would opt for something like this which is deemed as depraved by the society.

Evon describes herself as a business lady, video vixen, event host and a super model. Judging from her social media accounts, she looks a little bit more professional than the rest of the aspiring socialites. Do you think she can hack?

Socialite_Kenya Socialite_Kenya

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