Do you remember the hilarious blunder by Bro Ochola? Actually let me call it a monumental fcuk up. Bro Ochola was in a WhatsApp group called Embakasi Prayercell he shocked his group members when he accidentally sent a sext to the group.

He wrote, “You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having an orgasms at cloud nine,” his message read. This was quickly followed by an apology “Wrong message, sorry,” to the group.

Gospel Artiste Tells Randy MCAs, ‘You Are Demon Possessed. Repent!’

Now, a nominated MCA from Vihiga county has reportedly gone into hiding after she accidentally posted her nude photo on a WhatsApp group on Friday.

Rhoda Omufumu, who was nominated on the now dissolved United Democratic Front, is said to have posted a nude photo of herself with an unidentified man.

The photo was posted on the Vihiga County Development group at 9.12 pm on Friday.

Omufumu is currently communicating through a source who also works at the Vihiga County Assembly.

The source told the Star, Omufumu does not know how to use digital gadgets. He also said she is a church leader.

“Mtu alichezea simu yake (someone messed around with her phone) … she is a church leader who cannot post such things on social media. She is married and she has grown up children.”

Immediately after the photo was posted, suspended county assembly speaker Dan Chitwa asked Omufumu to “undo” the post, saying “itakuletea njaa”.

The post also elicited reaction on social media, with most people calling for the MCA’s resignation for ‘letting the entire community down’.

Nominated MCA Maureen Ambasa asked her female counterparts to meet on Monday to form a committee that will look into the matter.

Central Maragoli MCA Abdallah Chogo urged fellow ward reps to move with speed and establish what happened.

Omufumu’s husband is a former councillor.

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