Couple In Bed

As women, we sometimes kill the mood when it comes to bedroom matters. Men have egos and sometimes they might not be able to tell us our mistakes.

Well here are things that women do before sex that turn men off.

  1. Just laying there like a corpse

It’s said that men love a woman who is a ‘freak’ in bed, these means don’t just get used to kifo cha mende style from January to December.

Utaachwa ushangae.

2. Asking for cash before lungula happens

Truth be told some women lack chills when it comes to this,money should be the last thing you ask for when going to bed with your man.

After your done with bedminton you can talk about money all you want otherwise you will kill the mood.

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Sexcapade Condom
Sexcapade Condom

3. Wearing ugly bedroom clothes

Ladies there is something called LINGERIE, wear that to bed and your man won’t be able to resist you. Mambo ya kuvaa ‘Seng’eng’e Ni Ngombe’ tshirts, tuwache priiiis.

4. Belittling your man’s bedroom prowess.

Not all men are gifted equally when it comes to matters mjulubeng.

Instead of speaking ill about it to his face how about you help him on how else to please you in bed.

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5. Talking about your ex

The bedroom is not a confession chamber so you talking about how good your ex was in oral sex does not concern your current man.

If he was so good why did you two-part in the first place?

Such discussions should be held with your girlfriends and not with your man especially during sex.

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