Angry and crazy girlfriend

We all know of a rich relative whom we look forward to visiting because visiting them feels like a little vacation we wish wouldn’t end.

There are however some annoying things that Nairobians do when they visit such relatives and they should stop.

Stealing clothes

Some steal clothes to just take photos.

Others ‘steal’ the clothes to wear them later when they go back to their homes. Tabia mbofffffff.

Stealing colognes

If you are used to cheap and fake colognes the temptation to ‘steal’ designer colognes from your rich relatives is real.

Not once or twice have we been tempted to smell good thanks to a designer scent.

Truth is you will get caught and to be frank. It’s not worth the risk.

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Overeating/ Binge eating

Imagine being used to just-tea and bread for breakfast only to visit a home where breakfast is being served in a buffet.

Wanting to eat everything all at once leaves you overkill and lethargic. It is  not a good look. Don’t let yourself be a victim just because you are visiting a rich relative.

 Sleeping on the rich relative’s bed

Stupid as it may sound we have all done this when no one is looking. We get into the bed and just lie there imagining it’s ours.

The sad thing is more often than not we will still go back to our old and weary mattresses.

Acting lazy and commandeering

When visiting a rich relative who has a househelp we tend to be commandeering.

Wanting to have the help answer to our every beck and call.

While at such places most of us pretend we can’t perform even the simplest of tasks, such as taking the utensils you have just used to the sink.

All we want is to sit down and watch TV, eat and drink. Please goja upate kwako usipeleke kiherehere kwa wenyewe.

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