Annitah Raey

Controversial media personaity Annitah Raey has advised women to try threesomes this Valentine’s day to make their partners happy.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the mother of two said,

‘women sex is not a present for Valentine’s. You give sex every day, try something new like a threesome with one of your girlfriends and your man will be surprised.’

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Annitah said Africans have become too westernized and celebrate anything from Halloween to Santa and she doesn’t believe in such.

‘I don’t believe in Valentine’s day. The pressure we give men on Valentine’s day we should give politicians to work hard every day. If a man buys me flowers on Valentine’s day that’s cliche and stupid. And why do we wear red? Short girls look like fire extinguishers when they wear red with teddy bears bigger than them,’ she said.


‘when you receive cards, flowers it’s al hypocritical because most of these people don’t mean it, it so just because ts Valentine’s. An honest thing from the heart is gonna come on any day of the year. Valentine’s is bullshit.’

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Below is the video