Anne Marie

Anne Marie Burugu is probably one of the hottest 45-year-old mother in town. The fitness guru is a qualified instructor and teaches HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

She is also the Co-founder & Director of Vivo Activewear, runs an alcohol distribution business in Kenya called Bia Tosha, and she previously worked as a regional spa manager for Serena hotels.

Anne Marie

Revealed! These are the real reasons why you’re not losing weight

She is a mother of two lovely kids (one of whom is musician Tiri Murai who was involved with Camp Mulla’s Kus Ma) who developed her love for the gym in her early 20s… And look at her now, hot and sexy!

She not only is an avid gym enthusiast who has embarked on a 365-day training plan but is also an avid yoga practitioner. And her dedication to fitness has clearly paid off. She is looking amazing!

Check her out:

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