Life is not an easy road especially if you are not working or have no one to rely on. This is so true for former KTN & K24 anchor, Anne Ngugi, who has finally come out to speak about this statement. Anne, who is known for her mastery in the Swahili language narrated how she was shown the door by K24, barely 7 months after she was poached from KTN where she had worked for close to a decade.

KOSA KAZI UJUE MARAFIKI! Popular Presenter Anne Ngugi Speaks About Her Life After She Was Sacked By K24

By that time she was 5 months pregnant with her twins; Princess and Precious. Anne Ngugi narrated how she was hurt and her life changed drastically. She had to move out from her Hurlingham home where she was staying with her family and went somewhere else not of her standards (or rather a celebrity’s standard). Anne, who recalls how her bosses refused to pick up her calls every time she called them was forced to sell one of their cars; a Mercedes Benz because they, (her and hubby) couldn’t maintain it. They needed the money to pay rent but the money wasn’t enough and they were forced to go live out of the city aka diaspora.

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