Annabel Onyango’s baby who is one year old has enjoyed the best meal a baby can have, the breast milk of her mother.

A while back there was a case of a woman who was apparently kicked out of a restaurant for breastfeeding publicly. This caused controversy for over a week with many women being angered by the act.

It was sad because a higher percentage of people in the world have had the privilege of being breastfed. The case went on and on then the restaurant sent a statement saying they have been wrongly accused.

Annabel Onyango with her husband and baby

We still do not know who was lying, but what we can agree on is that it should not happen again. This being breastfeeding week, the fashion stylist, mother to Kenzo and wife to Sauti Sol manager, Marek is going big.

‘Women go through a lot for such b**shit’ Pierra Makena gives her two cents on breastfeeding

It is very rare to see a woman post a picture breastfeeding unless it is a photo-shoot. Annabel wrote:

An entire year of breastfeeding and I only have one pic to show for it. It’s because breastfeeding is so ELEMENTAL – you never think “Do I look good doing this?” or ask “Someone please take a pic of me”. You’re too busy just trying to keep your baby alive. 💪🏽 💪🏽💪🏽to all the moms out there who breastfed, tried to breastfeed, or couldn’t breastfeed at all.🤱🏽
And thanks to my sister @atienojanetonyango for capturing this moment during those initial struggle weeks.

To all new mothers including Avril, Lillian Muli and Joy Doreen Birra, happy breastfeeding week. Learn from Annabel that it is fine to take out that tit and feed your baby even in public.

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