One of the last videos that Anjlee Gadhvi shot and posted on social media gives us a glimpse into what her life was like.

The K24 news anchor told her daughter she was going abroad for cancer treatment, their interaction left her many in tears.


Anjlee Gadhvi and her five year old in a recent photo.

‘I had the desire to live…’ said Anjlee Gadhvi’s in her last story on K24

Sharing the video on her Twitter, back in August 12, 2019 Anjlee penned,

‘I don’t know whether I should be sharing this clip or not. But since cancer is the discussion I think its important to share how I find it hard to explain to my 5 year old why I have to leave her for 2 weeks to seek specialized treatment out of the country.’

In the video, Anjlee tries to explain to her daughter that she has to go for treatment and thuse travel. But her baby is distraught with the news of being away from her mother.

Anjlee insists, asking her to repeat why she has to leave. Her  daughter tearfully says,

‘Because you have to get in a machine that has to check if you’re alright or not.’

They embrace as Anjlee responds, ‘I’m going to miss you.’

But her daughter isn’t done yet.

Kifo hakina huruma! Media personalities mourn K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi

Anjlee Gadhvi’s daughters

She advises her mother to seek treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, suggestions that Anjlee has to lovingly decline and explain why.

She said,

‘Aga Khan has those machines but my doctor is in India and he knows how to check my chest better, so far I’m doing better, I don’t need oxygen all the time, I don’t need to nebulize all the time.

Aga Khan hospital does not have those machines that can treat your momma.

The doctors in India know more about momma’s chest and they are going to help your momma be better and stronger.’

Gadhvi was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013, but went public about it in 2015, after funds raised by family and friends got drained.

Last moments of K24’s Anjlee Gadhvi who has succumbed to liver cancer

After she appealed for public help, Kenyans donated over Ksh6 million in hours.

May she rest in peace and may her family find peace in these trying moments.

Below is the video

12th AUGUST 2019: Heartbreaking video of K24 reporter Anjlee Gadhvi telling her 5 year old daughter she had cancer 😭 😭

12th AUGUST 2019: Heartbreaking video of K24 reporter Anjlee Gadhvi telling her 5 year old daughter she had cancer 😭 😭 #RIPAnjlee

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