Anita Nderu and DJ Sunaman have dated for 8 years!

Guys, 8 years! We found out about the two roughly 2 years ago. Talk about chini ya maji!

We love to see their love shared all over social media. Anita Nderu’s post wishing her boyfriend a happy 28th birthday has got everyone talking considering she doesn’t share her emotional side on social media.

Despite the shocking news that they have been dating for 8 years, we also learned that Anita is older than him. She rubbed it in when she congratulated for finally hitting the 28th mark.

For once in 8 years we have a fresh batch of photos 😁 I wanted to add the one you sent to me from when we were still in Uni but couldn’t find the courage😂
You’ve finally caught up @dj_sunman you are now 28 too🎉🎉🎈🎈🎊🎊 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN🎉🎈❤🎊🎂🤗
May you have the most incredible, fantastic, fun, fulfilling, awesome, incredibly sensational and amazing year! You are always giving everyone around you so much love, laughter, care and positive advice, I hope this year we can all reciprocate that and make you feel as special as you do everyone who has ever met you!
Wishing you and praying for MANY happy returns for you! May this year be everything you picture it to be🎉
Now let’s celebrate, drink a ton of whisky (umm you might need to know at 28 hangovers are nothing like they were at 27, now you need at least 2 days to recover😁), hang with the gang, eat all the margarita pizza we can find, play board games (hopefully this will be the year you beat me at atleast one game😋), drive around aimlessly looking for new restaurants to try then buy loads of chocolate cake only to have a forkful! Love you tons❤ Happy Birthday 🎉

They are not the only Instagram couple we love and stalk. Here is a list of our favorite Instagram couples.

  1. Size 8 and DJ MO

This two display a lot of their affection on social media. Just yesterday, they posted a video of them helping out a couple. The couple won a holiday to Naivasha. In the middle of their announcement, wakakulana mate.

‘I have done the strangest and most incredible things for love’ Anita Nderu opens up

2. Willis Raburu and Marya Prudence

Okay, in as much as we love to love, Willis is a bit extra. In a week, he will make sure its clear to all that he loves his wife. A post a day keeps their love awake.

3. Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Anselm Madubuko

Emmy Kosgei and husband
Emmy Kosgei and husband

My God! Her husband gifted her a monster of a car! A BMW X6 which is roughly 8 million.

No romance without finance. Ama namna gani my friends?

4. Sarah Hassan and Martin Dale

Sarah Hassan

Took them a while to share their love on social media but once she said ‘I do’, hatujapumua! 

5. Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

The two even took their love to Paris, the city of love and romance. The photos they have been sharing zinatupatia tu kiwaru.

Well, I should have probably put the disclaimer that they most definitely fight and have bad days. They only post what they want us to see. Though at the end of the day, love wins.

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