Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe
Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe

Pesa ni mbaya! It can make people crucify or even kill you. Over the weekend, Vera Sidika landed two great deals with international brands Flat Tummy and Fashion Nova where she was appointed brand ambassador. This comes barely a few weeks after her counterpart Huddah Monroe also signed two major deals with a taxi company and a leading phone company.

This did not go well with fans of the two top socialites as those of Huddah claimed that Vera Sidika had copied their “goddess”. But wait! Is Huddah the first person to land such deals in Kenya or in the entire world? Please give us a break petty minds! People have been brand ambassadors for ages, earn millions but they don’t show off!


Hata Oliech aliangukia deal ya 10M recently na hatusumbui! He lives his life and no one cares about that. Stop behaving as if you are the brand ambassadors for HEAVEN! Huddah and Vera took to Snapchat to throw shade at each other. Each one threatening to skin the other alive in case they ever meet.

Wueh! Can you imagine Kim Kardashian and Lil Kim fighting?

‘You shall know who runs this city..better shut your mouth ASAP!’

Huddah wrote. Vera Sidika did not waste a moment to respond. She fired back with a post of her own…

‘..You have been threatening me since 2012 yet when we meet you respect me.’

The drama went on as the two socialites continued to insult and mock each other on social media. Well, if you missed the drama, grab your popcorns and watch the full ‘episode’ here (page 2)