Deceased media personality Grace Makosewe has come under scathing attack from popular Facebook user Collins Okello alias Dr Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad.

In a Facebook post, the man who describes himself as a photographer, blogger and social media creative strategist said the former Capital FM presenter should have already settled down with a man since she was aged 40.

Jarunda went on to say that women who had children while they were in high school should have been married by the age of 40 adding that their husbands should accept the kids.

He urged women should get rid of the notion they can live comfortably without men reason being living with a man makes one avoid certain habits (like drinking alcohol, I presume).

In concluding, Jarunda said women should avoid certain lifestyles like smoking sheesha and drinking alcohol upon turning 40.

Maybe because he is coward, he posted in his native language – Luo. Fortunately, I happen to be conversant with the language, so I’ll translate. You are welcome!

Here is his post.

Here is the translation.

R.I.P Makosewe..but our ladies once you turn 40 years you should try and look for man to settle down with him like husband and wife.

You should bear children with him and if you had given birth in primary or high school, you should look for a man to stay with together with the child upon turning 40. The man should accept your child as his own.

I know many Luo ladies like saying “I can live without you”….well, yes you can live without a man but being with one makes you avoid certain habits. The man helps them straighten their lives like women from Rongo. 

When a woman turns 40, she should REDUCE certain habits like smoking sheesha, drinking alcohol etc etc.

I have left you with that, you can read between the lines if you so please. And to our girls who have turned 26 please look for husbands!

Grace Makosewe, 40, was found dead on Wednesday, October 25 at her apartment in Golf Course Phase II in Nairobi.

The police and a relative who had accompanied them to assist with investigations found her naked and lying on the floor on her stomach.

Reports indicate that there were alcohol bottles and a sheesha bong around the deceased’s body.

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