Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has become a fan favorite for many Instagram user.

During her Q n A’s she always comes clean on the first 30 questions her followers will ask her. After that, she is done answering questions. Jisort kama yako haijajibiwa!

With every post of any man or woman in her life, it is concluded that she is dating them maybe because of the love she shows them with kisses and even comments.

Recently, one of her followers asked her if she is dating Walter who she has been posting a lot about on her social media pages.

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As we know, Anerlisa posts her bae’s on social media despite the fact that she keeps saying that she has learned her lesson about privacy.

When she first introduced us to Natasha, we all thought that was her new bae after calling each other ‘wife’. I mean after she trolled her ex telling him she left him for a woman we knew that she had joined the lesbian gang.

Anyway, enough said, now meet Anerlisa’s new BFF, Walter:

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