Anerlisa Muigai is a fast-rising entrepreneur. She has stood out of her mother’s shadow to start a rapidly growing business in Kenya. Nero Water company is a premier water company that supplies enterprises, events, executive taxi services and other businesses with its branded products. This is how the water bottle looks like:


The reserved, future-oriented lady has a strong social media presence which she uses it to inspire young people to take on entrepreneurship in a fun way. She exudes class and royalty, Anerlisa is a perfect example that you can still be popular by doing a good job.

The lady, known for her sexy fashion sense is not afraid to share some tips with her followers from time to time:

This Louis Vuitton bag is reminiscent of the hard work she’s put into her business and the reward she’s gotten. Most businesses by women fail at the start-up stage. We do not have many successful business owners in Kenya too.

She revealed to me the four things upcoming Kenyan entrepreneurs are doing wrong such that they’re failing in business. This applies to startups and Small Medium Entreprises (SMEs) which are based in Kenya or are planning to expand globally.

This is what she had to say:

1. Wrong motivation

“The most common one is being driven by money; most people don’t focus on creating and adding value, they look more into getting rich and making lots of money,” Anerlisa advises. And that’s the problem with Kenyan women who look up to socialites; they’re quick to venture into posing for nudes so that they can get event hosting gigs and modeling stints. That’s not sustainable and is definitely the worst thing to do.