Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has been a warrior for ladies trying to lose weight for a long time. The Keroche heiress is well-known for her weight loss struggles that show the once obese lady lose a lot of weight in a rather short span.



While her results were remarkable, what was called into question was the rapid loss with controversial bloggers like Cyprian coming out to claim that she had weight loss surgery.

Anerlisa Muigai
Before and after

She has since refuted this claim. But it seems that every move that the socialite and Nero Water CEO does will always be put under microscopic investigation.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai with Chris Kirubi

The lady posted an image of herself that showed her in April 2018 and one in September 2018. What was marked about the photo was that she had gained about 15 kgs in the 4 months in between the 2 months.


Anerlisa was using the post to advertise the fact that she wanted people to go on a weight loss journey with her. She wrote in part:


So most of you ask how I was able to loose 10 to 15kgs in such a short period of time…well it’s through a very strict diet. But my diet in that short period is basically based on JUICES,SMOOTHIES and SALADS. Now I’m not going to lie, it is not the easiest, and it’s not a long term solution but the end results are unbelievable. I call it a ” quick fix ” especially if you are trying to fit into a dress for wedding,birthday or any special event. Also in my weight Loss App that I finally want to release in November 2018,

While her cause may be noble some of her followers questioned the truthfulness of her claim that she had gained all that weight in such a short span?


They wrote:

frauwherever Stop lying please .one is with body shape and the other can you add weight not even the face
justkaninte @curv_ybellaur 💯.. It infuriates me that she is using her influence to lie to people. Also why is she not addressing the heavy folds of saggy skin that comes with rapid weight loss?
ladys0116 @liz_mbesa that’s what I’m saying!! Show people that you’re really 80. What does a picture with an “80” caption do? 🙄
ladys0116 @jannice_cecily thank you! Tell them! This is just a big Ines tactic for her upcoming app.
alicia_thuo @curv_ybellaur I am shocked she has gained 15kgs in such a short amount of time. For someone who claims to eat healthy and keep fit, I could expect a few kgs weight gain when we lapse but 15kgs?

Anerlisa Muigai before and after
Anerlisa Muigai before and after

curv_ybellaur @alicia_thuo I was soo skeptical I even thought she’s worn those fake pregnancy bellys 😂😂 .
kaitymims Trust me if you have ever struggled with weight in your life you would never try this joke of gaining and losing again to make a point to pple.Besides who need all those strechmarks .To me this is all a healthy everyday ,exercise and keep the trend.
fridahtunduli How I wish you did a live video, people don’t be fooled….And where did all the weight come from? Or have you been using waist trainers to look figureful?

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