Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai’s latest confession has seen her get propositioned by various men who want to marry her and make beaurifooo babies with her.

Anerlisa has confessed that she is not in a hurry to get married.

Already there are speculation that her romance with Don is over.

Anyhow, Anerlisa has spoken on the contentious topic.

“Many female celebrities have People question me why at 30 i am not married or have kids and my question is who said having a husband and kids is what completes a woman? There is more to offer as women other than just giving birth and again people are getting too quick to the alter with someone who isn’t worth the commitment.”

Anerlisa Muigai

She continued, “Don’t try to play the role with someone who doesn’t fit the part. Your happiness and peace of mind should come first, that’s what should matter not this superficial life some people are trying to live. Nobody should rush you to do things. I will one day start my family but not because of society pressure.”

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Her male fans proposed to her and her female fans gave her their two cents on the matter. Read their comments below…

Kibet Kipkosgei: It only when loneliness starts to dawn on you, you will be 40 something then and you will start hearing some whispers from nowhere, that loneliness is similar to being overweight and you feel ashamed or disgraced, you will not wish it away as long as planet earth is your home, as those who have tried kids in vain? Ask those who have kids and single they are really struggling deep inside their hearts.
If you are a lady please get married even if its a gardener or a herds boy, time is of essence and your mental health will allow you to live long on this very earth. Thanks.

Mwiti G. Kinyua: All the best with that, Miss independent. But I think if it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t see the need to clarify your position on social media. Marry if you want to, for Pete’s sake. Don’t, if you don’t feel like it, too. Its your life, and you have a right to hug whatever you want to hug, just before you sleep!

Theddy Siembo: I’ll be the first to propose for you here, I have nothing to offer you, just true Love, 😂😂😂. Mungu Tupe watoto Watatu Tajiri!

Ngochorai Ngatia: For now its justifiable but time is coming when all that glamour will fade ! Its advisable to marry and have kids !! Your mother hopes and prays for grandchildren! Do justice zaa!!
I hope you won’t regret when its too late.

Milka Ndung’u: I am a mother there is no other greater job en wen your baby comes you will understand I think being stable you can have a baby and leave the alter if it never comes all the best…

Enoch Oyugi: Hehehehe lets be single together hata mimi sina mbio…..i mean the population is way to high and got individual life goals i have not yet accomplished.

Kevin Odhier: Just look at my face, very good-looking and sexually energetic . By hearing my voice will make you ovaries twerk. I’m heaven sent, yani the better option Infact more than safaricom. Try me and make your village proud 😂😂😂.

Tina Karimi – Machibi: @ 40 no one will even want to know your name. Make hay while the sun is high my dear sister.

Betty Bienna Pritty: Yesss no one should pressure you when to hv kids …alaah theres one mama in shags ..infact she wanted to get me a hubby as i told her i wanted and i was only23…lol becoz her daughter got married at 18 she thought everybody wants that.

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Meanwhile, here are some popular female Kenyan celebrities who don’t prescribe to the societal expectations of woman should be married off by they time they get to a certain age.

They have one thing in common, they have broken the glass ceiling in each f their respective fiorlds. They are influential forces and names that are recognised for their grit and resolve.

Vera Sidika

Huddah Monroe


Pierra Makena

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Joey Muthengi

Brenda Wairimu

Naeomi Nganga

Patricai Kihoro

Sheila Mwanyigha

Kamene Goro

Terryann Chebet

Lupita Nyongo

Victoria Rubadira

Anne Kiguta

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Kalekye Mumo

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