Anerlisa and Ben Pol
Anerlisa and Ben Pol

I know many of you are thinking Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai are a bit too cosy.


Well, I couldn’t agree more. Apparently, he is here to promote his music and Anerlisa is helping market him through her water, Executive Water, and the clubs that sell the water.
She first announced that she will be doing club appearances in the clubs that sell her product and her first stop was Blackyz Lounge.

The picture that went hand in hand with that caption was of Anerlisa and Ben Pol in black and at first, I thought, are they dating? Is she his next video vixen? Those thought held water until I read:

We sat down with my team and decided that I need to be making appearances on the places that really support us with #executivestillwater. This time I would like to start with some few clubs that I felt have given us support beyond our expectations. One of Tanzanian top Artist @iambenpol will be joining me in making these appearances. We will also be partnering with @niteoutkenya to make this happen.

To make the night appearances attract a crowd, she promised the best dressed individual ksh200,000. I wish I had the time to club on week days because I need some money.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

I will also be giving a shared cash prizes of almost shs200k to anyone i spot looking impressively dressed and consuming lots of executive still water on each appearance. So come let’s enjoy,take pictures,dance and make the night happen. Here is the schedule of our appearances.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa made it to 4 hot Nairobi clubs and from the pictures online and her social media, the two had a lot of fun, maybe too much? I mean these two spent a week together (day and night). You could tell from the pictures, Ben Pol had a certain look in his eyes every time he glanced at Anerlisa.
Thirst trap! Just like one Anne noted, it is none of my business but these two look like they in a relationship and a cute one at that. Anne commented on their picture and said:

I know it’s non of my business but you look good together 😜

Anerlisa killed a boychild’s dream by friendzoning him straight up. She replied to Anne and referred to Ben Pol as ‘more of a brother

Thank you dear but he is more of a brother to me.

Ben Pol
Photo by Mpasho’s Ezekiel Aming’a
Ben Pol akirudi nyumbani I hope he has not left a broken man.

In other news, did you know Anerlisa is a beer girl? Yes, she made it clear that her mother’s beer, Summit, is her favourite.

My personal favourites are @executive_still_water and Summit Beer.

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