Asbel Kiprop

By now we all know that Asbel Kiprop, the 1500 meter runner, no, the 1500 meter champion was caught in some rather compromising situations with another man’s wife. The lady in question is Nancy Rotich Chepsya and she was captured on candid camera gyrating seductively for Asbel Kiprop in between their lip-locking sessions.

What most people do not know is the man to whom she is betrothed. And that man is none other than Andrew Rotich. he is Asbel Kiprop’s [ace setter and bestfriend. Infact, it is reported that Asbel was the best man at the wedding between Andrew Rotich and Nancy.

Issa telenovela up in this bundu bash!

Anyway, I would like to introduce you to the cuckold himself. Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, meet Andrew Rotich:

Talk about betrayal. Andrew lost a wife and bestfriend in one foul swoop. I would hate to find out that my wife is cheating and then to find out she is creeping with my goddamn bestfriend. How do you even recover? But I am sending strength to Andrew and wisdom. Strength for him to heal and move on. Wisdom for him to see all the snakes in the grass before things get to this point.