Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe
Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe has advised those exposing others online in an aim to ruin them to style up as the move hurts even family members who were never in the mix.

This he says just weeks after Jalango and his boys club were exposed by Edgar Obare.

Almost a week later he exposed Alex Mwakideu, who is Jalango’s friend and co-host at Milele fm, a move that failed miserably.

‘We never created the group to share women among us,’ Jalango blames Edgar Obare for his woes

Talking during the #MorningKiss Kibe said

“There can only be two ways to live your life as a celebrity.Unless you’re without sin or you are single.

No family no children. Because at least when something is exposed the people attached to me are the ones who will suffer.

The problem is the family.

‘We have lost business and top clients,’ cries Jalango after embarrassing ‘boys club’ expose

If you’re going to be in the media, you will be a target.

They have done so much for like politicians from devil cartoons and all so we in the media, what makes us think we can escape.” Kibe said

Kibe had one word for anyone who may be in this position, just be you.

Will you live your life with people in your head? I will shoot my shot however bad it is if you want to expose me, by all means, I do not care!


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