Outspoken radio presenter Andrew Kibe has opened up about how the woman he was supposed to marry died, leaving behind a child.

The outspoken media personality revealed this during a discussion with Dr Kingori on his show ‘Wicked Edition’ on NTV.

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The argument was how men despite being widowed can’t live without a helper, thus most people always have a person on the side or get a person almost immediately after their spouse dies.

‘The woman I thought would be my wife died and left behind a baby.

She left us with 1 kid, so what was I to do?

When men’s wives pass on they move on,you cannot stop a train from moving. My feelings never stopped moving.’

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Asked on why people stray yet they swear to stick to each other ‘Till death do you part’ on their wedding day, Kibe said

‘We are putting people under so much pressure with wedding stories.’

Kibe is a single man, he is loved and hated in both measures because he is very outspoken.

He is loved by the guys for always calling a spade a spade, on the other hand women loathe him for what they term being too arrogant.

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