A renowned media personality recently shocked social media users after revealing that she has a crush on a Mishi Dorah who features on Nairobi Diaries.

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, Elizabeth Irungu revealed that she likes the reality TV star so much so that she almost burnt her food while cooking a few days ago.

Liz went on to say that she was going to print a photo of Mishi and use it as a wallpaper for her new house in Westlands adding that the latter is her Marilyn Monroe.

The former KBC presenter said that if she was a man, Mishi is the type of woman that she’d go for because the latter is shapely, her dark complexion, full lips and alluring skin.

However, Liz denied claims that she plays for the same team saying “I am straight but DAMN, I don’t hate, I APPRECIATE true beauty!”

This is what she posted:


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