Kanyari's sister

Money is good. It can buy you anything including happiness and Kanyari’s sister, Ms Wahu is among those enjoying life to the fullest.


The sexy lass, who always thrives on controversy just like her brother controversial pastor Victor Kanyari, has set tongues on fire after she flaunted a bracelet worth Sh800,000.

 57 stone diamond bracelet

Wueeh! Kanyari’s Sister Shows Off Her Sexy Body In New Raunchy Photos

Kanyari’s sister took to social media to reveal that a special man in her life flew for 16 hours just to see her and he brought a gift, a 57 stone diamond bracelet which can buy you a Toyota Probox and a plot of land in Kamulu.

“When he gets you a 57 stone diamond worth $8000 and flys for 16hrs to come see you…
Much more than I asked for,” she wrote.

Sadaka zinatumiwa vyema

Kanyari's sister flaunts a 57 diamond bracelet worth $8,000 = Sh800, 000

Posted by Mpasho News on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The petite figured daughter of prophetess Lucy Nduta, the founder of Salvation Healing Ministry also posted a photo of a man standing beside a bed looking through the window and captioned; Missing this view’

Kanyari's sister

Could this be the mystery man spoiling ‘the daughter of God?’

Well, from spending holidays at exotic resorts, sipping on expensive drinks, wearing designer clothes and shoes to bags, Kanyari’s sister is indeed living life in the fast lane.

Well, below are photos which summarize, Kanyari’s sister’s lifestyle, go through them:


Kanyari's sister


Kanyari's sister


Kanyari's sister


Kanyari's sister


Kanyari's sister
Kanyari’s sister flaunts her Sh800k bracelet


Kanyari's sister

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