millie odhiambo

Sex is a subject that in most instances talked about in hushed voices.

Whereas the act is just as natural as sneezing, it has for ages been a shy thing to be talked about publicly. Whoever chooses to talk about sex openly is deemed to be lacking in proper moral standings, or worst, a fisi or a fisiress.

Juja MP Sex Scandal Gets Even More Dramatic, May The Person Who Impregnated the M-Pesa Lady Stand Up!

But one brave Kenyan legislator is not among the many of us who would rather talk of Laurent Gbagbo criminal proceedings at the ICC, than speak about our sexual preferences in public.

Millie Grace Akoth Odhiambo Mabona is one of the most vocal MPs we have around. She has never shied away from speaking her mind. She is regarded among the few strong female legislators in the country, who are never intimidated by their male colleagues.

These Are The Funniest Memes Of Millie Odhiambo After She Interrupted Uhuru Kenyatta’s State Of The Union Address

The charismatic ODM MP for Mbita Constituency in Homa Bay County, had almost given up on having a relationship with a man, until she met her Zimbabwean husband (Mabona) online.

Well, Millie has stirred a storm after publicly confessing her limitless love for SEX! Yes sex!!! She took to her social media pages to let the world know about her sexual preferences.

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See below what she had to say about that…

millie odhiambo