Fred and Eric Omondi
Fred and Eric Omondi

Fred Omondi recently spoke to and revealed a lot about himself. The comedian, who is  very humble despite his success, was candid, handling every question with poise.

One thing that always fascinates us is his brother’s love life. Eric has been dating fiancee’ Chantal Grazioli his for a minute and there have been rumours doing the rounds that the two would be getting married soon.

Eric Omondi
Eric serenading Chantal

We inquired whether he would be the best man for his brother’s nuptials but his response was very interesting. He said:

Eric is getting married? i thought he would get married at 50 or 60!

He then laughed and added that he knew his brother was getting married:

Am just joking, of course, he is getting married. Anapeleka mahari Italy. Wanaishi pamoja. Huyo ni bibi wake.

Eric Omondi
Eric and Chantal

We inquired when the wedding would be taking place but he said he didn’t have a clue. The only thing he was aware of, was that it would be close, saying:

…Najua iko (the wedding) Iko around the corner. Tunaweza inusia. hata tunafaa kuform WhatsApp group mmchangie…(he smiled at this point).

Fred Omondi
Fred on his phone

Then added:

It is high time aoee. 

And what about his own love life? The comic is rarely ever seen with any female company unless it is for professional purposes. He replied coyly:

Bado sina mtu, although I have a very beautiful daughter called Shanice. 

He described his journey of fatherhood as a challenge but as something that he still enjoyed doing:

You have to wake up in the morning, you hustle even more. Cause future ya katoi inakutegemea. It has been the best 7 years of my life. 

Fred Omondi
The comedian posing

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